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Devon Webb

Decorative Green Leaf with pink stem

I think about your secret rage & go crazy

I think about the sea beneath the foundations

& drown endlessly // gathering strength

for just the right amount of resistance

before submission

when I’ll let it all wash over me

like a crashing wave that has been

building // stretching // anticipating

‘til it explodes all froth & anger

oh, I must teach myself to swim

how to breathe underwater in between asphyxiation

how to leave just the right amount of space

in my lungs for air

as you crush it out, all power & sincerity

the most honest integrity

the most inescapable grip

the most man & monster // the most light & depth

like a drowned sailor & I

a lonely siren to your call

did I say I could swim

‘cos you’re pulling me under

we plummet, we sink, we sing.

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