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Amy Douglas

Amy Douglas (She/Her)

Divinations Magazine was created in 2023 by Amy - practicing Witch and lover of a good horror. 

Amy has a background in storytelling, having worked across Academic, Independent and Trade publishing. Her experience includes roles at Dark Skies Publishing and Wild Hunt Books. Her current role is as Communications Executive for an Academic Publisher.

She holds a Masters degree in Publishing.

Twitter: @AmyMarieDoug

Emily Campbell.jpg

Marketing Assistant
Emily Campbell


Emily is a English and History graduate from the University of Nottingham. Alongside her degree she wrote and edited for her university magazine Impact, as well as freelancing for LeftLion and Student Music Network. Her favourite horror novel is Beloved and she loves to share her love of books and reading.


Emily hopes in her role as Marketing Assistant, she can ensure that Divinations reaches more people, so they can enjoy the work of our talented horror writers.



Io Carpiso

Io Carpiso (she/her)


Io is an Editorial Assistant who is interested in rooting out stories that are strange, startling, and unusual and help them find a home somewhere—even if it's at the expense of being able to turn off the light in her room at night. An SFF writer, her works can be found in Anathema and Quarter Press.


She is studying in the Humanities.

Gina Gidaro

Gina Gidaro

Gina has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a minor in studio art from Ohio University. She received a graduate certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute and is a volunteer reader for CARVE Magazine, Autumn House Press, and a prose editor for Outlander Zine. She’s passionate about stories, playing guitar, and anything spooky.


More of her information can be found at

Cara Blanco

Cara Blanco (She/Her)


Cara has a BA in creative writing, with published works in various literary journals and blogs while also having read some original work for various events.


She dabbles in all forms of writing, but has a certain affinity for poetry. She has recently added editing to her list of literary passions and is excited to continue to grow in her field.

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