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Mixtapes for Mermaids

Faith Allington

Decorative Green Leaf with pink stem

Track 01 - The Inevitability of Water.

This is the song that plays when you first see them and your heart is jackhammering a thousand beats per second. That *nightclub-sparkle-haze* in your eyes. The first flush of fever.

Track 02 - Anemones in Your Hair.

You drift on the dancefloor to this drumbeat of an anthem, never-quite-touching, like the tide and the night shore. You’ve always known the tide longs to defy gravity, to slip the moon’s leash and swallow this fractured land.

Track 03 - The Leg Dream.

Like every mermaid, they dream of wearing red lipstick and sleeping beside you, without turning to water. They smell like bergamot and kelp, a body of sea-silk. But every morning the bed is gritty with sand.

Track 04 - Your Lungs for A Kiss.

Salt lips and coral heart, that’s how this refrain goes. Why did you think it would be any different, trying to grow gills? No matter how long you practice, you can’t hold your breath underwater.

Track 05 - Sunken Ships and Drowning Girls.

It’s impossible for this to end another way. Summers are always washed away. This road always leads you back to that night. Cells splitting, every filament turning to ocean, every razor-sharp fingertip drawing pearls of blood from your willing body.

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