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Editor's Letter

Dear Reader,


Like many an idea, Divinations Magazine was brewed up in a pub. I'd been toying with the thought of founding a literary magazine for the longest time but was never sure where to start. It was there, armed with a diet coke and a 6 quid pizza, that inspiration struck. Divinations Magazine would be thus:


  • An indulgence in prediction, showcasing new horror authors and/or new spooky pieces of work that will be big in the future

  • Have a hint of magic to it, with stories, poetry and non-fiction that spark a spell of excitement

  • Playful, fun and Pink!


It only seemed fitting then that our first issue should explore the trait that defines us most: intuition. This issue features pieces that explore this theme in a variety of ways; be it through emotion, narrative, or metaphor.

I am thrilled to be able to share the works of such talented individuals with you, and grateful to the artists whose stories grace our pages. This issue would not have been possible without their patience, generosity, and kindness.


I hope that you find this issue both terrifying and exciting and that we inspire you to continue your journey towards the future.


Stay Spooky,

Amy M. Douglas

© 2022 by Divinations Magazine, All Rights Reserved

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