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Kanaloa's Gift

Jessica Gleason

Decorative Green Leaf with pink stem

The incoming tide brought her in a tangle of pickleweed,

naked and drenched, laying still, on the Wawaloli

beach shoreline.

As Keoni rushed to her side, noble, intent on reviving

the waterlogged beauty, she awoke, blazing amber

eyes, wide and almond-shaped, looked to him,

pleading for help.

Pulling the wahini free from the foliage, Keoni stifled

a gasp when he noticed her fish-like tail slapping

freely against the jagged rocks and fine sands.

She smiled, revealing thistle-teeth, ready to

soul-kiss his life away. Unconsciously, he crept

closer to her waiting mouth. Latching on, she sucked,

drinking his vitality, leaving only his puckered

corpse in her wake.

Shoving him aside, his brittle bones crunching,

she left him discarded and empty, slipping

back into the warm waters until her hunger returned.

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