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Editor's Letter

Dear Reader,

     Picture this: it’s 2003, and your Nana has turned on the television to ITV2. On the screen is a re-run of Titanic; two hours later she’s weeping to cries of ‘I’ll never let go Jack!’


     Little did I know then, that the film would have such an impact. It struck such a chord within me, that I refused to go to my swimming lessons for the next 6 months at the thought of what horrors lay within the chlorinated hell.

     Since that day, the sea has terrified me above all else. Within the great unknown, there’s so many possibilities. And so I knew, when creating Divinations Magazine, I eventually would put together an issue on it.

     I grew up on the coast of the North sea, and come from a long line of sailors. Surely, the ocean should be comforting to me... almost familiar? And yet, there’s something about its vastness, its unpredictability, that fills me with a sense of unease. It's as if the sea itself holds secrets that it's not willing to share, secrets that lurk beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to venture into its depths.


     It’s those secrets that I set out to explore in Issue Three: Siren. This issue is filled with the works of incredibly talented authors and poets who share this fascination. From the siren song, to Krakens, to more experimental fiction on the terrifying nature of water itself, you’re bound to find something that horrifies.

I      am, as always, indebted to the wonderful Authors who have kindly submitted these works to us. It is our privilege to publish these works and provide them with a home within the pages of our magazine. I'd also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our Editorial Assistants. Their dedication and skill in assessing and copyediting these works have been invaluable to ensuring the quality of our publication.

     As always: stay spooky,

Amy M. Douglas

© 2023 by Divinations Magazine, All Rights Reserved

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