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Editor's Letter

Dear Reader,


Greetings from the shadowy depths of Divinations Magazine! We are thrilled to present our second issue: “Cursed.”


Curses are a concept that transcends borders and time periods, resonating across cultures and throughout history. It has woven itself into folklore, literature, and mythology worldwide, making it a theme with an inherent and timeless appeal.


This theme encourages our authors to unleash their creativity and imagination, exploring supernatural elements, magical realms, and the boundaries between the natural and the mystical. From ancient curses to contemporary hexes, familial legacies to metaphorical afflictions, "Cursed" offers a canvas for a diverse range of interpretations. Within these pages, you'll find a collection of carefully curated stories and poetry pieces that delve into the haunting world of curses. These talented authors have masterfully crafted tales that will leave you captivated.


Before we immerse ourselves in this bewitched journey, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated editorial and marketing assistants. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes have ensured that every detail is impeccably attended to.


So, dear reader. Turn the pages, but watch out for the shadows—they might just be hiding something sinister.


Stay Spooky,

Amy M. Douglas

© 2023 by Divinations Magazine, All Rights Reserved

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