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About Our Authors

In Order Of Appearance

Laura Bibby


Laura Bibby (she/her) writes poetry and stories that weave her love of nature with the strange, fantastical and ominous. Her work has found homes in Nymphs, Moss Puppy Magazine and Selenite Press, among others, and her debut poetry chapbook A KNIFE IN THE DARK was published by Bottlecap Press in 2022.


Instagram & Twitter/X: @bloomurder



Hannah Ascough


Hannah Ascough is a PhD student in Global Development Studies at Queen’s University, on unceded Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory; her recent publications are housed primarily in academic journals, while her creative works can be found in Fathom, The Octopus, and The Coast.


Twitter/X: @hannahascough


Alexandra Weiss


Alexandra Weiss is trying and failing to grow superhot chilies. Sasha is an American studies graduate student, an editor of Another Chicago Magazine, and the author of autumn is when the ghosts come out (Blanket Sea Press, 2022).


Instagram: @transmasc_demon

Twitter/X: @cactus_ghoul


JP Relph


JP Relph is a working-class writer from northwest England, mostly hindered by four cats and aided by copious tea. She volunteers in a charity shop where they let her dress mannequins and source haunted objects. A forensic science degree and passion for microbes, insects and botany often influence her words. JP writes about apocalypses quite a lot (despite not having the knees for one) and her post-apoc flash collection was published by Alien Buddha Press in June 2023 and is available on Amazon. Stories in The Ghastling, Wyldblood Press and Dark Winter Lit.


Twitter/X: @RelphJp



Yasmine Diaz


Yasmine Diaz is a New York native and an avid playlist creator. When she's not trying to craft fictional plots via music, she's watching horror movies, taking pictures and taking up sketching hands.


Twitter/X: @librarants

Briana Zelkova


Briana is a neurodivergent poet from Tennessee. She is obsessed with surrealism, hates Ernest Hemingway and can be found gazing out of windows.


Twitter/X & Instagram: @anairbda


Jay Pallas


Jay was raised in New Zealand but returned to England for University where she also began to write fiction in her spare time. Inspired by folklore and fairytales, she loves to apply extraordinary twists to ordinary scenarios with a focus on fantasy and horror. She has previously written short stories for Bandit Fiction and designed cover art and illustrations for multiple self-published fantasy works.


Sara Roncero-Menendez


Sara Roncero-Menendez (she/her) is a writer based in Queens, NY, and has published stories and essays in several outlets, including Points in Case, Sad Girl Review, and miniskirt magazine, as well as a poetry chapbook, Graveyard Heart. She is also a journalist and PR professional, writing about movies, television and books.


Twitter/X: @sararomenen

Instagram: @sararonceromenendez


Bobby Wells-Brown


Bobby is a long-time lover of cosmic horror, and fantasy fiction. Over the last 10 years he has studied to achieve Bachelor and Master’s degrees in writing and media - he has continued this into his professional life having worked in travel journalism, copywriting, media production, and publishing.

His fiction focusses on the ideas of epistemic distance, cosmic philosophy, and Death as a character. Despite these dark themes, he loves to bring detailed and compelling visual descriptions to his work, which is often inspired by the likes of HP Lovecraft, Phillip Pullman, and Eric LaRocca.


Twitter/X: @BobbyWellsBrown


Grace Magee


Grace Magee is an Irish writer based in Belfast who loves spooky stories (but always regrets hearing them).


Twitter/X: @grace_e_magee


Livvy Winkelman


Livvy Linz Winkelman is a writer and poet currently pursuing a BA in creative writing. She can often be found obsessively curating her Spotify or haunting her university's library. Her work has been published in Grim & Gilded and is forthcoming in various publications.


Twitter/X: @vacantteeth

Instagram: @livvyofthevall3y

Shamik Banerjee


Shamik Banerjee is a poet and poetry reviewer from the North-Eastern belt of India. He loves taking long strolls and spending time with his family. His deep affection with Solitude and Poetry provides him happiness.


Instagram: @where_tales_end


Dori Lumpkin


Dori Lumpkin is a queer writer and graduate student from South Alabama. Their work has appeared in Susurrus and Diet Milk Magazines, and is forthcoming in many other places. They love all things speculative and weird, and strive to make fiction writing a more inclusive place.


Twitter/X, Instagram & TikTok: @whimsyqueen



Sheri White


Sheri White’s stories have been published in many anthologies, including Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself (an ezine), I Cast You Out, published by CultureCult Press, Flashes of Fantasy, published by Wicked Shadow Press, Tales from the Crust (edited by Max Booth III and David James Keaton), Halldark Holidays (edited by Gabino Iglesias), and HWA’s Don’t Turn Out the Lights (edited by Jonathan Maberry). Her collection, Sacrificial Lambs and Others, was published in 2018.


Sheri lives in Jefferson, Maryland with her husband Chris, their daughter Lauren, their three black cats (Lucy, Sadie, and Vlad), and two dogs (Dobie and Josie). Their other daughters Sarah and Becca fled the scene last year.



Twitter/X & Facebook: @sheriw1965


M.L. Hufkie


M.L. Hufkie was born in Cape Town in 1984. Her birth, during the last desperate years of South Africa’s apartheid policy and subsequent childhood in a country on the brink of change and plagued by political unrest has left a profound impact on her. Growing up in a religious and very traditional household in a township called Bishop Lavis she has always been fascinated by topics around politics, religious dominance, the impact of patriarchy, social change, and the occult. With a minority voice in the UK, and the world at large her aim is to challenge dominant narratives from a minority perspective. She recently completed her MFA at Birkbeck working on a novel entitled Voices from the South. She’s previously published two short stories with MIR Online.


She enjoys reading, writing, running, and cooking and has worked as a teacher, librarian, administrator, and archivist. She’s currently seeking new employment whilst also looking into the possibility of continuing her studies by applying for a PhD.

A.L. Davidson


A.L. Davidson (she/they) is a writer who specializes in massive space operas and tiny disturbances.  She writes stories about ghosts, grief, isolation, space exploration, eco-horror, queerness, and the human condition.  She is the author of three web novels, The Wayward Souls of Avalon, Lonely Planet Hotel, and The Night Farm, the R-PNZL: A Futuristic Fairytale series, and her debut eco-horror romance novella, When The Rain Begins To Burn, released in October of 2023.  They live with their cat Jukebox in Kansas City.


Twitter: @MayBMockingbird

Instagram: @MaybeMockingbird


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